Our Mission

At Annie Clo, we believe gifts should be meaningful and we pride ourselves in putting thought and creativity into each and every basket we offer.

Each gift we curate on your behalf is an extension of your love and generosity, and we are committed to translating your emotions with care and gratitude. 

We are inherently drawn to the art of gift-giving. Whether welcoming a newborn into the world, bringing warmth to a new home, or just spreading kindness, we pay great attention to sourcing the highest-quality products to create exceptional gifts. We are dedicated to creating a beautiful gifting experience for both the sender and the recipient.

Thank you for trusting us and for letting us be a part of your special moment.

Our Founder

Annie Clo is a gifting studio founded by Joy Foissac-Walsh (a French woman, born and raised) and named after her grandmothers, Anne Marie and Claudette, affectionately called Annie and Clo. When designing the gift baskets, Joy implements the values she has learned from both her grandmothers' personalities - the aesthetic of Claudette who is an artist, and the infectious love of gift-giving of Anne Marie, who always made sure every special occasion was magical while raising five children.

The Annie Clo aesthetic is deeply rooted in the South of France, where Joy spent her summers growing up, dividing her time between her grandmothers’ houses. Memories from the lively markets, the charming hilltop villages, and the sunshine over the lavender fields are carefully peppered into the baskets, transporting the recipients to enchanting Provence.